(Literal) English Translation

What it actually means

με το μάτι (me to màti)

with the eye

no idea

όσο θέλετε (òso thélete)

as much as you want

no idea

αν θέλεις (an théleis)

if you want

no idea

αν το έχετε, βάλτε (an to éhete, vàlte)

if you have it, add it

no idea

όσο παίρνει (òso pérnei)

as much as it takes

no idea

ψήστε μέχρι να γίνει (psíste méhri na geenee)

cook it, until it is done

no idea

εχ… βάλτε ότι νομίζετε (eh…vàlte òti nomízete)

eh…add whatever you think

eh…no idea