Xenes Kouppes

So, this is exciting.  Really, really exciting…for us…and we think it will be for you too.  If you have been following our Mia Kouppa journey, you will know that this website began as a labour of love, to preserve and honour our parents traditional Greek recipes.  This will always be our primary focus, but as things evolve, our focus too has broadened.  We started by acknowledging that there were countless other Greek home cooks, with their own wonderful recipes and rich stories to share; we wanted to showcase some of them.  And so, More Kouppes was born.  Then, while cooking and baking our own recipes, we found ourselves wishing that we could share some of these on our blog too.  Well, we realized that when you’re boss…you can do whatever you want 🙂 and that was the beginning of Our Kouppes.

And now, things evolve again.  As many of you know we live in Montreal, a city which has a vibrant European flair and a diversity of cultures.  Walk down almost any street and you will hear English and French to be sure, but you can fully expect to hear Italian, Cantonese, Creole, or Punjabi.  Unlike many other places, immigrants who settle in Montreal assimilate to our Quebec culture yet maintain strong roots with their country and culture of origin.  This results in vibrant communities which celebrate their identity through festivals, traditions and of course, food.  Going out for dinner in Montreal invites you to take a culinary trip to any corner of the world; whether you are looking for an Ethiopian dinner, a Middle Eastern lunch or a Russian breakfast, you will find it, sometimes all within the same block.  Amidst all of this eclectic cuisine of course, you will also find the unique tastes of Quebec, with dishes representative of our belle province.

In speaking to non-Greek friends we have learned that the concept of not having any actual recipes for family recipes, transcends cultures. This realization, along with our love of all food, became the impetus for Xenes Kouppes.  If you are Greek, you will know that xenes implies other than Greek, so get ready! We look forward to sharing with you the flavours and stories of the world, from home cooks who have invited us into their homes, with pride and generosity.  How exciting!

Xenes Kouppes Recipes